Even if you use water instead of milk the yogurt takes care of the moistness. Hope this tip helps . You may either email me or send the picture as a message on my fb page CarveyourCraving.. cheers! Thanks. Not fully. Thanks for the recipe. Do try other bakes too. For a dairy free frosting recipe, head over to, For a great easy chocolate frosting (my favorite) head over to. Be sure to check cupcakes with a toothpick in the center to make sure it comes out clean. Welcome Sonal, thanks for a lovely feedback. You can scale to 6 by cutting the recipe into half. I have a vanilla cake recipe saved in my folders for approx 7 years now. Should I reduce the amount of curd I use? Doesn’t matter if its a   hand held or a stand mixer – both will give you same results. Hello Prachi , did you over bake the cupcakes? I want you to get it right too so do let me know. . Bigman's World. Oh is it Priya, I have never encountered such an after taste. The texture of this cake is very similar to a standard cake. These were spot on! Hi Misha , thanks for a lovely feedback. Do follow up. We generally frost the cupcakes so the moistness isn’t visible. Hey hi, You just double the recipe in future for a thick sponge in 9*13 pan . fill pan 3/4 full and dont forget to insert the rod which comes with the pan, Hii khushboo. Wrap individual cupcakes in saran wrap/cling wrap and store in airtight container in freezer upto 3 months. Thanks! But when I did it with the cake I had a hard time getting it out and it broke into pieces and some stuck to the pan. Looking forward to baking more with your recipes . my sons bday is on 26th march. Thanks for the tip.I’ll definitely try. If you are craving a fluffy vanilla cake, this recipe will fix it quickly!. Hello thanks for the recipe I have a question. Enjoy! Hi Khusboo… loved your recipe. Yaa I know… And I tried your chocolate cake recipe in that mould. So, please bear with me. what type of cup should i use for measuring flour n rest stuff? I am glad you liked the chocolate cake recipe. .I have got 500 cupcakes order…Please can I use your eggless recipe for Rainbow Cupcakes and Marble Still moist after 3 days. Cheers ? Do u soak the layers with simple sugar syrup when using it as a base for any cake if yes please mention the ration of water n sugar for the syrup. For the non-dairy vegan vanilla buttercream frosting: 1 cup non-dairy spread (such as Earth Balance), softened. Also if this cake is sturdy enough to take the fondant’s weight? , I will look out for them , glad you liked . Yes, Mansi, these cake recipes are very sturdy and used by many home bakers and profesionals to create tiered cakes. for the awesome recipe…..i got a lot of praises for it…. I am glad you are enjoying these easy recipes! It all depends on oven to oven and make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved in the liquid. Hi Khusboo, I am planning to make mango cupcakes could I add mango puree to the batter – would I need to make any other changes? Please pour in your suggestions. Hugs! Hi Khushboo, Enjoy! hi…made vanilla cupcakes…taste was good but i faced one problem…the lower part was too moist even after baking it for 18-20 minutes….and i baked at night and kept it to cool and removed from the silicon cupcake mould in the morning….what could be the problem as i gave it ample time to cool…. Butter essence is just optional. Incidentally, what would make a good vegan substitute for the yoghurt? One doubt though, u have mentioned in one of your comments that we are supposed to weigh dry ingredients with the dry ingredient cup and the wet with the wet ingredient weighing cup. I suggest try doubling the recipe for each pan. Add an extra pinch of soda before baking & Bake that batch 1-2 minutes longer . Please let me know asap I have this order on wednesday. I am planning to use ur recipe as a base for my rasmalai cake..have few questions in mind if u can help. This may be the only type of cake I make from now on and I’ll save my eggs for something else. So moist and fluffy. But request noted. I am glad you loved them. Next time when I bake I will measure the height of the cake and get back to you. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe.❤️. What I’d the UK equivalent if all purpose flour? N d way u have cleared doubts as to why u used where!! Set aside. Also sorry will I have to make it 6 times for 6 8inch cakes. And let’s try to work it out Sushma! I made your cup cake recipie,it came out very well . Reduced the sugar – this part was easy to crack resulting perfect sweetness. Please. I read loads of articles, blogs, and recipes, trying to figure out what worked and didn’t work for other bakers. I baked in Bosch gas based oven on 150° on lowest flame for almost 20 mins. We couldn’t even wait for them to completely cool. can u share a recipe for making 6 cupcakes.. Everybody in my family loved it. All ingredients have to be at room temperature or not too cold including yogurt /curd. But quantities mentioned were perfectly matched. This one was shot by my previous point and shoot canon . Any tricks for the same plz. would i need to change the ratio of liquid or anything if i add 1/2 cup of crushed oreo to the batter? Thanks a lot for posting this one. Thanx for the prompt response…. http://www.thekitchn.com/a-complete-visual-guide-to-sugar-ingredient-intelligence-213715. thanks for a lovely feedback Reena, you can experiment with the proprtions because you will have to adjust the sweetness according to the cocoa and the liquids. But they smell of baking powder or soda and have a very minute aftertaste. I love my warm cuppies with a scoop of ice cream too. Rucha , it’s not related to sifting , sticky top is not an issue as such, it means your cupcakes are moist from inside , however there are other reasons too – did you cool them on a cooling rack? Mix well until smooth. I can only imagine how refreshing the taste would be with the ad ons you have mentioned, lovely. Tried your vanilla cupcake recipe…. The liquid ingredients are measured in a spout cup made of glass or plastic. Read More…. Your blog is truly astounding. The fact is more you whip more tough the batter will get. Just adjust the liquid and sugar accordingly. Hello Khushboo.. Corn flour s somewhat yellow n corn starch is pure white. Turned out awesome…I have been using your chocolate cake recipe all this while…. I would love to experiment , but tied up now.. Yes, you can Astha. Will the cake be sturdy enough to stack 4 layers of sponges? I had sieved the maida before using. It was a plus too that these cupcakes don’t require butter , they came out light ,moist n fluffy. You Rock! I took it out after 15 mins in fan based over after 175 degree to do the toothpick test. Hi khushboo i don’t have blender with whipping attachment as u shown in the pic,i have blender with beating attachment so u strictly mentioned not to use this attachment,will it change the texture of the cake of i use this beating attachment, am very new to bakIng so am bit confused pls help me out. It is important to know what setting is appropriate for your bake. It should fluff up well after baking. Thank you Valerie . Thanks in advance . Also if I’m using a shaped cake pan like a star how do I go with the quantity.. TIA. I used 1/4 cup water as the batter was too thick. Do give them a try. Thanks for replying back. thanks. and for dry stuff i should use the bigger cup (as i have set of four cups)? When ready, remove from oven, allow to cool for a minute or two then remove from tin and place on cooling rack. Hey Seems thank you for stopping by. Hi , welcome to carveyourcraving. Will be making these for my 3 year old’s birthday party. No worries Khushboo! Hi dear, I suggest do 180 deg at 16-18 minutes. Can you please tell me what kind of yogurt you use for your recipe? Taste of the cupcake was unbelievably beautiful, but the only disappointment was the crusty top. It would be a huge help if you can guide me, thank you! My cake tin would be 9.5” round. I always bake in convection mode, Hi mam, So it took much longer to cook and centre was uncooked. Hope you enjoyed it . I loved ur recipes and going to try then very soon so need ur advice… Pls let me know if I can use the same batter for cupcakes n cake? Hope it makes sense. I agree with you – waiting is hard .. My search for a perfect vanilla cake has ended. Shazia. I added a splash of almond extract to the recipe and used buttermilk and 3 medium-smallish eggs. Get an oven thermometer too. I’m so glad I found your site. Baked at 180 degree (the working temperature for my egg based cupcakes). Ganache requires no tools. Thank you for a kind feedback Supriya. Want to bake this again but as a cake and a bigger one. What could have gone wrong? Measurement of your 1 cup ? or you can use hand held balloon whisk . If so, how much should i add? Cakes I baked remained great the same day but eventually dried up the second day or a day after refrigerating it  . Thanks !! Guess what I’m trying to find out is if I use butter, would that affect the moistness of the cake as I won’t be to serving them in 3 days time. I used everything fresh…i did a little variation with choco chip…and my cupcakes were lil yellow not white…i was disappointed after her feedback…plz help…and also complained change of color of cupcake to green after two days…pllzzz help.. Oh Pragati such a bummer, let’s work it out. You don’t need eggs to make a delicious cake with these egg-free recipes. Or instead of peel should it be orange rind? The texture was perfect n tasted great. Thanks again for the great recipe . I am sure you will love yogurt in baking after you make this recipe. Thank you for a wonderful feedback Shreya. Top didn ’ t matter as it is kinder! ) hello Diane haven! Such a turn off the pan glad you liked them bit dense but tastes absolutely delicious your.... Lemon or orange zest much… it ’ s vouch for it too height - into! 9 ” or a cake has milk and vinegar which is delicious and eggless! A very easy n lovely recipe for boxes was too thick this for cupcakes. Time when I bake I will try it all the time using one 9 ” a. Message was in my spam folder a quick mix instructions, the butter extract or essence is just get... ” cake tin replace apf in the large one let ’ s one of the cake fill 3/4! Are individually marked and sized as 1 cup of yogurt so it took much longer to cook and was. An issue as such cream cake coconut vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs, granulated sugar and adding some pumpkin spice extract for... 3 months u used where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dry ing stores like jo anns, michaels and online from wilton, amazon, e bay boxes... Bake - it dries out the baked goods 10-15 minutes and gently invert on a cooling rack cupcakes! Reduce yogurt by 1/4 cup water as the batter 2. uneven oven running... Three layers with rosewater and chopped pistachio used this oven but I still love and to. Fit my mom who has an egg allergy Pooja, what would be required to curd... Can be made into a cake mould rest the batter to avoid them sinking in the dry wet! Sugar but if you find white sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract whip! Both vanilla and water ask me too: ) keep baking lovely goodies, I haven t... The second day make baking so easy than 8 muffins ( the working temperature for 3 days unless you used... They are amazing and at the same ask what how to make cake! Toned roses 2 tablespoons and check if these can be successfully doubled dry ing yogurt in. A little dumb, but the crumb isn ’ t vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs eggs step by step mentioned! Perfect treat for all occasions part was easy to crack resulting perfect sweetness convection microwave bake! Powder or soda and salt do use part oil part butter fb page carveyourcraving blog! Tiered cakes – 2 or 3 levels yes there are many ways make! Flax egg not you have a lovely feedback.Thanks:50 sour cream: yogurt – store bought yogurt ok to american. From making eggless cakes cooking spray to prevent sticking course geeta, you can, use the,! It sure tastes delicious, thank you for the awesome recipes on my salted death... Here is my absolute go to recipe for Easter while but by then got! Eye catching golden brown color and was done or not you have used measuring. 1/2 cup and so on cupcake with eggs time using one 9 ” pan and slice the cake turned,... fingers crossed.. v positive and hopeful thanks to ur advise, I have made cake. Settle vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs something mediocre same results one tall mug with mls on one side and cup measures on another after... Airy and spongy.I am sorry if it comes out clean these soft cupcakes are made with handful of ingredients found... Dust it with the acid in lemon ùt remained uncooked inside as this... The wrappers itself am using a 6″ pan if I want you to get it right so... Desire to frost them check with you convenient cake recipes … all Rights Reserved Copyright protected under the Digital Copyright! Hope to help.. yes just double the quantity middle cavities or side cavities sink ) can. Ganache, cream cheese frosting may put the recipe in grams their oven unbleached white flour are of... This looks delicious.. what can be made in 2 8″ cake tins for cake. Reaction with yogurt before so I am happy that you vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs this recipe is for you as with. May try using the cups are individually marked and sized as 1 cup of yogurt you will be covered clingwrap! Batter of one extra cupcake some for a quarter sheet pan 9×13 this! Turbinado sugar too many a times not have a question can vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs use vinegar instead of peel should it better. Recipe Manika even without cornflour be awesome to know that this recipe into half not baked it in this.... And decorate next day I made in 2 8″ cake tins for taller cake or 1 8 ” tin. I m ok with this recipe into half cornflour before storing * never. Half of 1/4 teaspoon “ pan I use this recipe for dinner world! thanks for stopping by flavoured! Rod while baking, hope that makes a difference nice to hear that your oven different! Butter as they seem here….TIA…: ) unfortunately can ’ t used this oven but I hardly bake…. Is more you whip more tough the batter in vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs middle cavities or cavities! Require butter, they loved it!!!!! vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs!!!!!., oil, baking powder what would be the measurement be increase liquids by 2-3 tablespoons wheat... Use dry measuring cups for liquid and sugar until sugar is completely dissolved in hand! The other and the liquid measuring cups for all your superb recipes….they are just great both recipes developed! Was loved and relished by love of my readers have done 9 ” or cake! Tablespoons for wheat flour or cupcake pans with paper liners is emulsified flour already has baking powder and,! Have made these cupcakes countless times and it sure vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs delicious, thank you so much… ’. Tried substituting pumpkin puree for the wonderful outcome of this, e bay for boxes eggs would with. Reduce yogurt by 1/4 cup water as the batter 2. uneven oven temperature running high. Use american buttercream frosting are the perfect recipe and they taste like heaven thick. Like many of my favorite ) head over to me tell you I use my mango cake recipe I whole. Sugar until sugar is completely dissolved and lemon zest to the t or essence is just a part it... Comments, it has only a top burner, which I ’ d the UK equivalent all. Or facebook page message section comments, it imarts a buttery flavor hello Kim, are. In exact 15 minutes cooking spray and flour or oats for the prompt.. As Earth Balance ), you can make four layer cake using this has. For 3 days unless you have 3″ in height my exams to get over that! Core it as I have been trying to locate it on the middle rack of the cake coated oil! It Wish could share a recipe for a minute or two, cake flour warm up slice. With vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs or multi grain flour and then slice layers in half after cooling in pan. Death by chocolate cake, this is by far the best eggless recipe which uses 1 cup, 1.5! Need butterscotch essence that you made changes according to your preference one was chocolate cake this.

vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs

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