How it Works

How it Works

Become a Member The first step for both buyers and sellers is to register an account (it’s free right now). Registering will change the navigation bar at the top of the website to enable new Agent-only features.

DRE Number Enter a valid California DRE number. This is how we ensure that all users of the website are agents.

Selling Agent

Create Click ADD PROPERTY at the top of the website  to create a pocket listing.

Manage Click MY LISTINGS at the top of the website to view all of your listings. From there, you can select individual listings to modify or delete.

Renew Listings are automatically set to expire after 30 days. When this happens, you will be notified via email. Simply view the listing from the MY LISTINGS page and confirm the details to renew for an additional 30 days.

Buying Agent

Find Listings Click SEARCH at the top of the website to look for pocket listings.

Contact Agent When you find a pocket listing for your client, you will see the agent’s contact information on the right side of the page (at the bottom if using small mobile device).