SB Pocket is a private platform exclusively for licensed California real estate agents to share and search off market properties within the greater Santa Barbara area.  

We consolidate that valuable segment of the market in a concise and effective way; giving agents exclusive information that isn’t available on public sites.  This knowledge increases your relevance as a real estate professional.

This platform is meant to compliment the MLS. It allows listing agents to test price points without accruing precious “Days on the Market.” After testing the market, sellers can then list with you on MLS using real and compelling data.

Perhaps most importantly, is your value as a buyers’ agents. You are the eyes and ears of the housing market and your clients expect you to know what’s available. Privileged information is an essential tool to keep you relevant in this field.

SB Pocket is exclusive to licensed real estate professionals in Santa Barbara.

SB Pocket strives to be your most useful tool for off market listings, so please give us feedback and suggestions as to what we can do to improve our platform. The better we get, the more successful you become. info@sbpocket.com