This is an exclusive site for licensed Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Real Estate Professionals to market, share and search for off-market listings in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.


SBV Insider is a centralized source of Off-Market Listings for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services agents in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. It is an essential resource for BHHS licensed real estate professionals to share and search exclusive, non-MLS, properties that are not currently available to the public.  SBV Insider is a complement to MLS.

In a housing market where information is available globally and instantaneously, having an increased knowledge of off-market properties secures your relevance and adds value to your repertoire.

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Privacy No one wants strangers looking through their home, especially, high-net worth and celebrity clients. They want serious buyers who are pre-qualified and vetted. Homeowner may not want their neighbors to know that they are moving, or that they are going through a divorce, or loss of a job. Some simply don’t want to have their personal information published. Others may want to avoid prematurely upsetting current tenants, family or neighbors. Whatever the reasons, an exclusive pocket listing can maintain confidentiality.  

Days On Market Listing a property privately helps to protect it from the stigma that can develop from accumulating days on the market. 

Test Market You, as the agent, can get an idea of what interested buyers are willing to pay for their home before you make the listing public on the MLS. That way, you and your client may be less likely to have to reduce the price if and when you finally do post the subject property on the MLS.

On the Fence  Some people aren’t quite ready to list their homes, but would consider selling to the right buyer at the right price. SBV Insider can give a Realtor the outlet to find a motivated buyer who is looking for that exact type of property and get that seller off the fence.  

Exclusive Opportunities   Buyers like to know that they are getting in on something that not everyone has access to. Pockets give them the exclusive opportunities they want.

Competitive Edge Being an agent who can find off-market deals can make all the difference to the buyer.  When house-hunting with your buyer, you are up against dozens of other prospective agents. Find a property that is for sale off-market, however, and your buyer is only competing with one or two others. 

Less Time Pressures In a competitive market time is never on your side. Sellers expect a quick sale and buyers rush to complete on an property before it’s gone. Due diligence often goes out the window as a result. Off-market deals are different: Because competition is much lower, prospective buyers get the time to look over the property thoroughly before making an offer. 

Agent Value  Perhaps most importantly, is your value as a buyers’ agent. You are the eyes and ears of the housing market and your clients expect you to know what’s available. Privileged information is an essential tool to keep you relevant in this field.

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